The 4th Kish Mowj international film festival announced its Policy making Council members


The 4th Mowj international film festival Policy making Council members meeting was hold while Jafar Sanei Moghadam, Majid Barzegar, Ehsan Abdipour, Mehdi Ghorbanpour, Saeed Pourali, Reza Ardalan, Masoud Rahbari, and Ebrahim Hesari, had been appointed as the members.

In this meeting, which was held in Kish Free Zone Organization office in Tehran, the members of the council discussed and identified solutions for holding this event as the best way possible. They also talked about festival different sections, how to hold the art tours during the festival, holding the closing ceremony, and the pathology of the previous editions.


Saeed Pourali, Deputy Minister of Culture and Social Affairs of Kish Free Zone Organization, stressing the importance of maintaining the high level of quality of this event, said:

In the upcoming festival, we intend to take an effective step to fulfill the festival aims and topics including travel, tourism, and the special topic of the sea in regard to tourism, by relying on the experience and knowledge of directors of authority in the field of short film in the national and international arenas.

He added: "We also intend to welcome the guests at the closing ceremony of the 4th edition of the festival, with a different performance and full observance of health protocols."


The Deputy Minister of Cultural and Social Affairs of the Kish Free Zone Organization stated: The third edition of the Mowj Film Festival, was generally able to bring us successful experiences and audiences satisfaction, and it makes the organizers of the 4th edition bear a heavier responsibility.

He emphasized: continuing the secretariat’s activity after the closing ceremony is one of the requirements and it must put forward a much more active and dynamic policy in all days of the year.


He also pointed out that the purpose of all Kish Free Zone festivals is ultimately to help achieve the development goals of the zone.  He also mentioned travel, tourism and especial looking at the capabilities, beauties and importance of the sea, as the central theme of the Kish Mowj Film Festival.


In this meeting, Reza Ardalan, the president of the 4th International Kish Mowj Film Festival, also stated: at the present time, the creative and delicate vision of filmmakers in the field of travel and the sea can open new windows on tourism and bring a new experience to the future generations.


The fourth Kish Mowj Film Festival will take place in the form of a short film festival in February of this year in Kish Island with the participation of Iranian and foreign films and full observance of health protocols.