Reza Ardalan, President of Mowj Kish Film Festival: The convergence of cinema and tourism

Kish halls have the capacity to hold a festival based on the Coronavirus protocols / special attention to the sea and travel

Reza Ardalan, Cultural and Educational Director of the Cultural and Social deputy of the Kish Free Zone Organization and the president of the 4th International Kish Mowj Short Film Festival talked about holding this cultural event in the fourth edition: The necessities and characteristics of each festival are formed based on different factors. About the 4th International Kish Mowj Short Film Festival, considering that the main strategy of the Kish Free Zone Organization is around tourism and the main plans have been formulated in the framework of development and promotion of the Kish tourism industry, so these priorities have been considered.

He added: "When the  Kish Mowj Short Film Festival was formed, regional and national goals and missions were defined to draw the attention of the cinema people to Kish Island, because this region has unique potentials in promoting and enhancing various cultural and artistic activities, including film and cinema. On the other hand, the cinema industry has a special and privileged capacity in the country and a high impact on the society, which will be very effective to link these capacities to each other.

Emphasizing that the festival has gradually become more tourism-oriented in recent times, Ardalan said: "Sea and travel as special considerations were proposed and approved by the Policy making Council, and as a result, there was a convergence between different areas.”

Announcing that the international section has been added to this cinematic event in the fourth edition of the festival, he said: In the international section, it is not necessary to make films on Kish Island or related to Kish Island, but the common point of all submitted films should be sea and travel, which of course the Coronavirus situation opens new windows for planners and the tourism industry, and forms convergence and international interaction for branding the destination of Kish.

The President of the 4th International Kish Mowj Short Film Festival told that the filmmakers present at the festival are among national and international personalities who have achieved good results in this field.He added: "Kish Island in the framework of cinema policies makes good use of these valuable experiences and certainly new creative talents will be introduced to the Iranian and international community."
This cultural director, about the Coronavirus crisis in the region, said: Coronavirus is both an opportunity and a threat; Opportunity From the perspective that many traditional methods of submitting works, holding meetings, forming working groups and other festival affairs are pursued and implemented through virtualization, and this has accelerated the work and this is an opportunity.

The Cultural and Educational Director of the Cultural and Social deputy of the Kish Free Zone Organization also said about the great challenge of these days of film festivals: In the Kish Free Zone, the Kish Health Council will review the conditions of the region for the coming days and months and approvals will be announced subsequently. If the situation in Kish is white, this event will be held physically and with health considerations.

At the end of his speech, Ardalan explained: Kish halls have a capacity of over seven hundred people that it provides the possibility of social distance easily, and in any situation, we will have both physical and virtual holding. Of course, the physical holding of the closing ceremony in February and March of this year will not be canceled.