Ebrahim Hesari the Director of the festival:This is a multifaceted event, pursuing macro goals over a multi-year path

Ebrahim Hesari the Director of the 4th international Kish Mowj Film Festival stated that the purposeful and intelligent management of the Kish Health Council will support us to hold this event. He also talked about pursuing macro goals during several editions of holding this festival.

Ebrahim Hesari the Director of the 4th international Kish Mowj Film Festival talked about the new edition of this event that has recently opened the call for entries and continued: In my opinion, the words "culture "and "art" are so important and vital for a society that they justify any activities in this field. This is especially true in the current difficult conditions and these days when society is under more pressure due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
Noting that this event is important from both regional and national perspectives, he said: Due to its defined identity and mission in the field of tourism growth and development, Kish Free Zone has events on the agenda to introduce the capabilities of this beautiful island, and certainly, festivals such as the Mowj Film Festival have been created exactly in line with this goal and it has followed its upward path to globalization in the fourth edition.

This filmmaker added: "Since the themes of the festival are defined in parallel with these goals at the discretion of the esteemed policy making council, it can be said that this event is multifaceted; a cultural and artistic view in order to strengthen and grow the art of filmmaking, discovering the talents of this field and also motivating the filmmakers to work in the region, and in parallel, we consider the use of cinema media to introduce one of the most important tourist areas of the country."

In the last part of his speech, referring to the Coronavirus situation, he said: The way of managing the Corona crisis in Kish Island and the purposeful and intelligent planning of the Kish Health Council since the beginning of this disease, have brought the trust of Kish residents and some tourists. It also has caused the admiration of the relevant institutions so that, with confidence in this performance, we try to host this event in full compliance with the rules.