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Objectives of the 4th Kish mowj International Film Festival:

A. Encourage artists and filmmakers to produce cinematic works

B. Identifying and introducing cinematic talents

C. Supporting and strengthening the position of short film as a rational and independent current

D. Creating an interaction between short and feature cinema And - Creating interaction between Iranian filmmakers and filmmakers around the world

E. Efforts to expand, strengthen and attract the film audience


Date of registration of the name on the site: September 10, 2016

End date of registration on the site: September 10, 2016
Deadline for submitting works:
Announcement of the works found in the competition section: December 21, 2016
Time of holding the festival: February 18 – 21, 2021
Organizer: Cultural and Social Deputy of Kish Free Zone Organization
Secretariat Phone: 07644421449
Festival Public Relations: 09059536745
Address of the festival secretariat: Cultural and social deputy building of Kish Free Zone Organization, Art Affairs Management, Secretariat (4th Kish International Film Festival)
Postal Code: 73895– 79417
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